A self-healing cutting mat is one of those craft supplies that you might realize you need in the middle of a project, with little time to care about a particular brand, or how they all might differ when it comes to the science and technology behind them. Let alone, time to shop or search for one at the store. However, the quality of your sewing or craft project might depend on doing a little research. We all want to craft with confidence when we pull out the rotary cutter, rotary blades, and quilting surfaces. No worries though—go ahead and get your craft knife! We have gone ahead and done the work for you.

Most self-healing cutting mats are made from a synthetic material that is flexible, cut-proof, and guaranteed to protect all your surfaces and cutting tables from your rotary cutters, cutting tools, knife blades, and craft machines. Most of them self-heal, making your cut marks and scratches next to impossible to detect. However, not every cutting mat is created equally! Whether you’re quilting, crafting, or hot-gluing, keep reading for seven of the best cutting mats we could find.

1. Cricut Machine Mat 12×12 Variety Pack

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If your craft projects are on the smaller side, these Cricut cutting mats are the way to go. They come in a pack of three, and each of them boasts a layer of adhesive. Whether you reach for the light grip, standard grip, or the strong grip mat, your project is sure to stay in place. Fabric or paper will not slide or adjust itself while you’re cutting; as long as you have one of these self-healing mats in your art supplies cabinet, within easy reach.

2. Fiskars Self Healing Mat

This Fiskars self-healing mat is the only silicone mat that made it onto our list, and the only one with a completely heat-proof zone measuring 15 x 11 inches. With this mat, you can set down your hot glue guns and embossing tools with confidence. This is an essential tool if you work with heat at all, and is certainly the best cutting mat to protect your crafting surfaces from heat damage, as well as your knife blade.

3. Sullivan’s 24×36 Self-Healing Cutting Mat

This is a little thinner than most cutting mats. At 2MM thick, you’re free to roll this one up and store it standing on its end! If you’re short on space in your sewing room and can’t keep a large cutting mat on your work table all the time, this is a good pick to protect all your hobbies and project surfaces.

4. The Olfa 12 inch rotating self-healing rotary mat

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This cutting mat has a non-slip bottom layer and yellow lines on top of a green surface to see clearly. It provides a smooth surface and rotates 360 degrees easily, for all your angles and shapes. This is the budget-friendly cutting mat for any smaller craft project you may have. We’re always looking for more ways to keep crafting!

5. Alvin Double-Sided Cutting Mat

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This comes in four different sizes, is reinforced with PVC, and the non-stick surface is resistant to liquid spills and other abrasions. This company takes pride in very precise measurements and straight lines the whole length of the cutting mat. With 1/8 inch measurements, both front and back as well as diagonal lines, this mat has got your back…and your cutting table!.

6. U.S. Art Supply 40×60 Professional Cutting Mat

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U.S. Art Supply cutting mats have the bonus of coming with a very well-known name. They certainly didn’t skimp when it comes to this 40×60-inch self-healing mat. Although a little more expensive, this high-quality cutting mat has more than enough space for all your crafting needs. 30, 45, and 60-degree bias lines make the possibilities endless.

7. WORKLION 18×24-inch Self-Healing Cutting Mat

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This mat boasts over 6k, 5-star reviews on Amazon for good reason! With 5 layers of PVC sandwiched in between two sides of self-healing, reversible, non-slip goodness, this cutting mat wins out over the rest of the cutting mats, for us. With all the necessary features, your crafts will turn out exactly as planned. The size is adequate- not too big, not too small, and ringing in at just $37, the price is right!