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Are you searching for a small and portable sewing machine? The Baby Lock Jubilant is one of the most portable and full-featured sewing machines you can use in your home.

It takes limited space, and its design is sturdy. It weighs around 15 pounds, and you can carry it around for any sewing classes or events. 

This Baby Lock Jubilant review covers information you will need if you are planning to purchase it. The sewing machine doesn’t come from a historic brand, making it a newer entry into the sewing machine market.

Who is this sewing machine for? 

The sewing machine is for creative individuals who need to bring out the best garment designs possible from their skills. It’s easy to use; hence, anyone be it a beginner or an expert can use the machine. Every garment that you work on can give a unique design and you will enjoy the creativity in you. 

What’s included in the packaging? 

Apart from the sewing machine, there are various accessories you can find in the package once you purchase. 

  • Buttonhole. 
  • Blind stitch.
  • Needle package. 
  • Monogramming. 
  • Spool caps. 
  • Zipper. 
  • Button fitting. 
  • Overcast
  • Twin needle. 
  • Softcover for the sewing machine. 
  • Zigzag. 

Overview of Features

The Baby Locks Jubilant Sewing Machine is portable but has a lot of features. 

1. Free Arm Ability. 

Do you want to work on the hems or sleeve cuffs of your garment? The Jubilant sewing machine comes with free arms, which allows you to work on such regions with ease. It also has a retractable feed dog. It enables you to free quilt, and a user can add an extension table. 

2. 80 Built-in Stitches. 

The sewing machine comes with 80 stitching designs which are programmed on its chipboard. You can enjoy three different straight stitching positions. It has four zigzag in-built stitch designs. You might not get to use all these stitches, but what can you gain with all these designs? The baby lock jubilant machine also has decorative stitches you can use to make your work look amazing. 

3. Start/Stop Switch and Reverse Stitch Button. 

Not all baby lock machines come with a start and stop buttons. The Jubilant sewing machine comes with a start/stop button, which makes its operation simple. You don’t need to use your foot pedal to start or stop the sewing machine. It also improves the safety of the sewing machine since the foot pedal may be a hazard if you have young kids. 

It has a reverse button to secure your stitches. By pressing this button, you can secure your stitches at the beginning or the end of your project. The use of these buttons cuts off the weight of the pedals, making it light and portable. 

4. Built-in Needle Threader. 

Our eyes may not be able to see well due to old age or certain health conditions. It makes the process of sewing hard, and this sewing machine seems to have a solution to this problem. Its automatic built-in needle threader makes it easier to thread. It also has a light which illuminates your stitching making its operation more straightforward. 

5. LCD Screen. 

The sewing machine comes with an LCD, which makes its operation simple. The display gives all the vital information that a user needs. It provides stitch information, and beginners can easily use the machine. 

How to Get the Most from the Baby Lock Jubilant

If you need to create unique quilts, you should consider the type of sewing machine you are to use. The Baby Lock Jubilant Sewing Machine offers some of the mouth-watering features you can use. Put your ideas on the garment, and this machine will aid you in creating unique garment designs. If you have projects like home decorations, the sewing machine will give you the best. The sewing machine also works well for quilt piecing. 

Alternative Sewing Machines for Quilting

Baby Lock Brilliant Sewing Machine – The baby lock sewing machine comes with 190 in-built stitches you can use. It can work on any garment you need. The good thing about this machine is a user can program the stitches to their unique preferences. 

Baby Lock Lyric Sewing Machine – It has 250 stitches which aid a user to design a unique quilt. It comes with a start/ stop button just like the Jubilant Sewing machine and is accessible to the user. It’s suitable for beginners and also experts. 

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Final Thoughts
Baby Lock Jubilant Sewing Machine can serve as a fantastic pick for both experts and beginners. It's lightweight, easy to use, and efficient. During its operation, the machine is silent, and it has a lot of stitch options you can use. If you think this sewing machine has all that you need, why not check it out?
Ease of Use
Reader Rating278 Votes
The sewing machine is lightweight.
Quiet operation making it appropriate for home use.
Multiple built-in stitches.
Cleaning the sewing machine is not easy.
The process of changing needles is not easy.
It doesn't have an extension table.
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